My national television appearances have focused largely on lifestyle and range from explorative to demonstrative.  My ability to engage the host and audience with ease as well as shoot field peices show both my comfort in front of the camera and as a communicator. 
Steven & Chris
This daily programs airs on CBC in Canada and on The Live Well Network in the U.S., amongst many others. It covers a wide range of lifestyle topics and is filmed in front of a large studio audience in Toronto, Ontario. 
This video shows me at my most comfortable and highlights my ability to engage both a live audience and host. 
CTV Morning Live
This popular morning program showcases a number of daily news topics as well as lifestyle and cultural pieces. 
My strength at adapting to different media environments is highlighted here. 
The Marilyn Denis Show
Although I had been behind the camera and carried valuable production experience, this show marks my first appearances on national television and lead the way for many more presenting opportunities.