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Intense Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

Yields1 Serving

Intense Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

I love the deep hue and bright flavour the heaps of raspberries lend to this intense chocolate treat.

They’re also fudgy, gooey and anything but cakey. To be completely honest, they’re a straight up mess, but so satisfying.

I personally love how intense they are, but it could be a little too much for some. I suggest if you’re on the fence, reduce the amount of cocoa powder from ⅔ of a cup to ½ to find a happy medium.

Why I Use...


 3 cups frozen raspberries
 1 cup sugar
  cup coconut oilsolid at room temp
 3 tbsp ground flax seed (flax meal)
 ½ cup water
 ½ tbsp vanilla extract
  cup cocoa powdersifted to remove lumps
 1 tsp baking powder
 hearty pinch of salt
 1 cup flour(all purpose, spelt, whole wheat or gluten free flour)
 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips/choppedI love fair trade and organic Canadian brand 'Camino'


Using refined coconut oil only means your coconut oil will have a neutral flavour vs. unrefined which imparts a more tropical taste. I suggest unrefined for neutrality in baking.



Preheat oven to 400 F (will be reduce to 350 once the brownies are baking)


In a large pot on medium heat, add raspberries and sugar.


Stir to combine and let cook for 5 minutes.


Stir and mash to break down any larger pieces of raspberry before bringing up to a bubble and letting cook for another 7 minutes.


Remove pot from heat and stir in coconut oil, vanilla, flax meal and water until well-combined. Let sit for around 5 minutes and allow it to thicken.


Stir in cocoa powder, baking powder and salt until well incorporated before folding in flour until just combined (this will prevent over mixing).


Fold in 1 cup of chopped dark chocolate (or dark chocolate chips).


Add brownie batter to greased and parchment lined 8x8-inch brownie pan (parchment is key as it makes removing these gooey beasts a lot easier).


Top batter with any extra pieces of chocolate before adding pan to centre of oven.


Reduce heat from 400 F to 350F and let bake for 20 minutes.


Remove and let cool.

*Note: I recommend letting these gooey brownies set up in the fridge if you want them to be a bit firmer.