Joanna Tymkiw-Castillo
Multi-Media Food Journalist
(MSc Journalism) 
About Joanna
As an experienced cook & food/lifestyle journalist, I have several years of national television and print practice dealing with lifestyle subject matter and content development.

Through my journalistic training and career, I have gained excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as valuable production knowledge. Through my culinary background, I have also demonstrated excellent recipe developing skills, food styling and photographic ability.

By being both resourceful and creative, I have been able to combine both my journalistic and cooking knowledge to work for a number of media outlets and liaise with both television and print executives to produce written, video and visual work for large audiences.

I have become an excellent and reliable researcher, writer, editor and developer as well as valuable on-air correspondent. From my early roles as a research and editorial intern to my later experiences of writing for a national newspaper and television presenting, I can confidently produce creative content of an exceptional caliber with varying tones.

On a more personal note, I am most proud of my work as a communicator, which I believe is my truest strength.