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I’m a trained chef with an MSc in Journalism that encourages thoughtful food practices. My work touches on everything from discouraging food waste to considering the ethical and environmental impact of the food products we consume and the practices that shape them. From telling the stories of people fighting for change to providing alternatives to popular yet destructive products, I truly believe that if you have flexibility in the food products you consume, you have a responsibility to make well-informed and, ultimately, better choices.

New year, new food

It's Veganuary!

I went plant-based for 31 days and found some great alternatives for some of my favourite foods.

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Spreading stories about sustainability

Vancouver bakers tout value of sustainable ingredient swaps

Amid rising food insecurity in her home province, food activist Debbie Wiseman, seen here in St. John’s on Oct. 21, 2020, convinced the Newfoundland government to allow a new food source into local food banks: fresh moose meat.

The Vancouver Sun, December 2020

RogersTV, October 2020

Latest Appearance

A considerate conversation with Candy & Commerce

Candy & Commerce, ROGERSTV

Check out this in-depth conversation with culture influencers, business minds, and passionate foodies.

Latest recipe

Creating Responsible Recipes

Here you’ll find seasonal recipes, many plant-based, that encourage you to use local, in-season produce and ingredients.

Roasted squash, apple, and coconut cream soup, 2020